It’s all gone pearshaped

This week isn’t turning out so good. I need a bailout!

AFF (Afferro Mining) was down about 10% yesterday on announcement in the delay in receiving their money from the sale Putu there were tax problems. Oh dear. There didn’t seem anything that could go wrong. I had said before that I thought that 68p would be a good opoortunity to top up. It’s amazing how, if you wait, sometimes the market gives you a second chance. The shares have recovered since yesterday; and I had made a decision that I wouldn’t be topping up anyway. This is for risk control purposes.

RTN (Restaurant Group) down 3.4% on finals that obviously disappointed the markets. This is despite the chief executive saying

This was another year of good progress for The Restaurant Group, with increases in revenues, margins and profits as we continued to strengthen our market position and to grow our business.  The performance of our recent years’ openings has been outstanding and this bodes well for the future.  Last year, we opened 25 new restaurants, creating more than 500 new jobs and this year we will open between 25 and 30 new restaurants.

SBT (Sportingbet) down 6.0% on results that disappointed the market.

So, some pretty spectacular losses for me this week. Hey ho. Don’t give up the day job.

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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