Credit card ripoff

A thread is going around on TMF about rip-offs. Here’s my angry tale.

I had a credit card with Alliance & Leceister, which was then handled by MBNA, or somesuch. I always pay off the amount in full. I received my monthly bill. The first page is full of so much gumpf that it doesn’t have much space to hold even a modest number of charges, so they continue on the back.

One month, in my ignorance, I paid my bill, but only the total on the first page. I didn’t realise there were more items on the back. Next month, I got hit with an interest charge – which I thought was excessive for what little balance there was. Now, technically, it was my fault, but I can’t help thinking that the credit card companies know this, and it’s a deliberate ploy.

I was annoyed with myself, and with A&L, but assumed that that was the end of it. Imagine my surprise then, when next month, I was hit was a further interest charge. I phoned up to find out what the blases was going on, as I had paid everything off. I was told that because there would have been a balance outstanding at the start of the period, I was therefore liable for interest during that period.

That was one liberty too far, in my opinion. I cancelled my card. No more money from me. I hope they all burn in the flaming pits of hell, too.

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