What Neil Woodford is doing

An interesting article on Motley Fool about what Neil Woodford is up to. Might be interesting from a cloning perspective.

Three largest purchases where BA (BAE), RB (Reckitt Benckiser), and CNA (Centrica).

New positions were established in SN (Smith & Nephew) and Sanofi (not UK-listed).

Top-ups also included SRP (Serco) and CPI (Capita).

For what it’s worth, RB and SN were coming up on my screen as being cheap compared with their historical basis. BA also looks cheap, although I’m worried about its quality.

CPI is also "cheap" historically (although it’s on a PER of 15.2 compared with its median of 20.95). SRP is looking relatively cheap. My, this Neil Woodford is a canny old dog!

CNA is is above its median PER, although at 12.2 it is hardly at stretched valuations if you think the company is good enough.

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One Response to What Neil Woodford is doing

  1. Mr Woodford and I are quantum entangled. We keep buying each others stuff. I don’t think you can go wrong with this sort of high quality, high predictability and low price investing. It’s dull, it’s mainstream but it works.

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