ELM.L – Elementis – quick profile

Basic stats

EPIC      "ELM" "EPIC"
NAME  "ELEMENTIS" "Company name"
S0101      14.2 "Curr PER"
S0102      7.75 "PER10 P20"
S0103     11.45 "PER10 P50"
S0104     15.35 "PER10 P80"
S0105        #f "S0101 <= S0102"
S0106 #f "S0101 >= S0104"
YLD 2.36 "Yield (%)"
Z 4.86 "Z Score"
MKT 839.9 "MKT CAP (£m)"
ROE0 21.1 "Current ROE"
SP 186.8 "Share Price (p)"
GRATE 20.16 "Graham EPS growth rate%"
XRATE 18.47 "Exp-fit EPS growth rate%"
UPD "Last Updated: Tue 20 Mar 2012" "Updated on Sharelock"

Google Finance description:

Elementis plc is a global specialty chemicals company. The Company operates in three segments: Specialty Products, Chromium and Surfactants. The Specialty Products division provides additives to the architectural and industrial coatings, personal care and oilfield drilling markets. Its Specialty Products include rheological additives/modifiers, Organoclays, wetting and slip agents and lanolin. The Chromium division is a producer of chromium chemicals. The Surfactants business manufactures a range of surface active ingredients and products that are used as intermediates in the production of chemical components. In addition to rheology additives, the Company provides a portfolio of specialty additives to its customers, including defoamers, colourants and tinting systems, waxes and surface active additives. The Company’s products have a number of applications and are used in industries and sectors, such as in oilfield services, household, textiles and leather and other markets.

IMS issued 28-Feb-2012:

Sales up 9%, PBT up 40%. Highest earnings in company history. Global presence and differentiated product offering were also major contributors. High return on capital is a key feature in each of our businesses. Trading in 2012 has started on a solid footing.

Website: http://www.elementisplc.com/

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