Decision Moose

Wasn’t going to write today, but was fascinated reading TMF on the "Decision Moose". It’s a market timing mechanism. Come on now, who doesn’t like the idea of asset allocations being determined by a moose? From their website:

Welcome to Decision Moose, a proprietary asset allocation and investment markets timing signal provided to internet users for free by its creator, William Dirlam. This site tracks Index Moose, an automated stock, bond, and gold market timing mechanism developed in 1989. Updated weekly, Index Moose relies on technical analysis to time exchange traded index funds (ETFs). It has two objectives: to consistently outperform financial market averages, and to minimize the risk of doing so. In addition to the free weekly signal, there is modestly priced weekly investment newsletter– the Moose Club.

One section of the site "demoostifies" (I kid you not) the concept:

Index Moose, the version presented on this site, evaluates nine index funds to determine which broad asset class currently provides the greatest opportunity for gain. The model’s underlying assumption is that global finance is a closed system, and that investment capital, when it leaves one class of assets, has to go somewhere else.

The website boasts impressive returns; but says "performance is not based on a real monetary account".

What next, the Contracyclical Hamster?

Beats the usual monkey throwing darts, I guess.

Be careful out there.

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