Some ISA ideas

Stockopedia is running an article: What’s the best growth strategy for ISA investors? They mention

  • OPTS – Optos
  • OXIG – Oxford Instruments
  • JD. – JD Sports
  • DPLM – Diploma
  • VTC – Vitec

They also have a growth strategy screen. I don’t subscribe to it, so I don’t know the shares that have been selected.

So I thought I’d mention some potential GARP shares for your ISA. All of the suggestions below have increased revenues by at least 20% over the last two years, have good operating margins, reasonable debt, and good ROE. There has been neglible change in the number of shares in issue over the last 5 years, and some have even reduced share count.

DNLM – Dunelm – Out of town homewares retailer

DNO – Domino Printing Sciences – makes industrial printing equipment.

IMI – IMI – makes valves, temperature controls, drinks dispensers and merchandising display cases

ITE – ITE – organises trade exhibitions, conferences and related activities

MCRO – Micro Focus International – Sells Micro Focus COBOL, a COBOL development and deployment tool. It is designed to modernize legacy applications. It also sells a number of software quality control tools.

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