Book review: How to Make Money in Value Stocks

"How to Make Money in Value Stocks" is a free book available in PDF format (link) from Stockopedia.

It contains the section headings:

  • What is value investing?
  • How profitable can value investing be?
  • Why does value investing work?
  • Why can’t someone do value investing for me?
  • Five key principles
  • The Hunter or the Farmer – choose your approach
  • Six essential rations for finding cheap stocks
  • Six essential clues to finding good stocks
  • How to calculate what a stock’s really worth
  • Buying deep bargains or "cigar butts"
  • Buying bargains on the mend
  • Buying bargains on the move
  • Buying good companies cheaply – a "Magic Formula"
  • Buying quality at a fair price – Buffett
  • Is value investing risky?
  • How to avoid buying value traps
  • How diversification can lower your risk
  • How to know when to sell
  • Where can you find value stock ideas?
  • Conclusion: go forth and multiply

It is good for people new to investing, as it covers a lot of the basics, and various stategies that one can employ. More experienced investors are likely to pick up a couple of tricks along the way, too.

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