Shares to consider

I’ve gone through director deals for the last week, and picked out some of the more substantial and interesting ones. Some of them look worth further investigation.

BRAM PER 11.6, 2012F +33.5%, 2013F +31.5%

DMGT PFCF 8.1, Yld 4.2%. High debt

MCRO PFCF 9.4, ROE 114%, Yld 3.9%

PFC PFCF 9.5, 2012F +22.4%, 2013F +17.8%

INVP PER 11.3, Yld 4.7%, 2013F +36.3%, 2014F +27.5%

KFX PER 10.6, 2012F +24.2%, 2013F 18.0%, Lots of cash 

I own MCRO, and none of the others. Some of them sure do look interesting on first flush, though. 

About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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