Three Guardians

At the beginning of the year, I noted ( the portfolios of 3 groups selected by the Guardian. ASX rose 1.3% during that period. Here’s how the 3 groups did:

Pros: BG. -5.1, GSK -1.8 ELM +44.2, AVON -1.2, IMG 3.3. AVERAGE +7.9

Students: MUL -2.4, MRW -17.9, SVS 7.2, BATS 5.7, CWC -21.8. AVERAGE: -5.8 

Cat: HILS 28.1, MRW -17.9, TNO -32.8, SCAM 4.8, SPX 6.5, AVERAGE -2.3 

 So, the professional investors are in the lead so far, aided by their fantastic performance on ELM. They’re even beating the All-Share index. The students choices of MRW and CWC hurt them.

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