Couple of growth softies

Taking a look at sofwate companies, trying to identify some growth companies. Here’s a two, but I  there are other interesting candidates.

CRW – Craneware

Sofware for US healthcare industry.

Yld 2.8%, PER 15.45, Gearing -70.96%, Margin 22.44%, ROE 19.17%, PFCF 19.77, Z 5.07, MKT £79.1m, Beta 0.16. Revenues grew 29% pa over 3 last years

Trading update issued 02-Jul-2012: Continues to make progress with a number of large opportunities. This has been a mixed trading year for the Group, however we are in a stronger position than we have ever been. Our sales and opportunity pipeline continues to build. We continue to be confident in the continued growth of the Group.



NCC – NCC Group

Escrow and Assurance Testing Software to  public and private sectors worldwide.

Yield 2.0%, PER 16.97, Gearing 37.61%, Margin 26.68%, ROE 27.22%, PFCF 24.67, Z 4.01, Pio 8, beta 0.19. Revenues grew 23.3% pa over the last 3 years.

Final results issued 05-Jul-2012: Increased US presence. Organic revenue growth 23% and operating margin up. “We have built a very strong business that is well positioned to capitalise on some of the key issues affecting the board room”. “as well as storng forward visibility, we remain confident about continuing to maintain our strong growth record”.



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