Wexboy’s call for your favourite share

Wexboy has solicited a call to readers to submit their favourite stock (one only). He is also interested in what his reader’s readers think, too. So, if you have a favourite stock, it would be useful to either comment below, or provide a relevant link to your blog.

The rules of engagement are:

– Submit your favourite stock – favourite can mean: Largest holding, most interesting/unusual, cheapest, least risky, whatever…
– Has to be a portfolio holding, and plse disclose your stake size (as % of your portfolio)
– Should be a stock (or fund) one can comfortably buy & hold for a couple of years
– Stocks preferably listed in developed markets (but doing business anywhere)
His email adds:
If there’s a decent response, I’ll do my own blog writeups/valuations for the best/most interesting stock ideas (& perhaps rip apart the worst – might deter people submitting penny stock junk?!). May email basic feedback for all submission also, haven’t decided yet..! I’ll give credit for all ideas, and contemplate publishing their writeup (if they have one) alongside mine on the blog. Hopefully provides some incentives for readers to submit their faves, even just a ticker – maybe some interesting ideas/gems will turn up for all of us!
Wexboy’s blog makes for excellent reading. His article requesting a stock submission is here.  Go check it out.

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