Where Are the Superinvestors?

In a previous Tweet, I posed the question:

Who wrote:people buying and selling stocks like madmen, with no sound strategy or any hope of long-term success. people who…bought …NFLX

If you answered “Whitney Tilson”, then you answered correctly. Award yourself 2 and 20, running all the way to the bank before the cheque bounces.

I’m twisting your melon, right? Nope. Straight up in black and white. In a US Motley Fool article on September 10, 2004 (http://is.gd/vIr3nt), Whitney Tilson wrote:

It’s like poker, in that a relatively small number of experienced, smart, disciplined, focused people earn disproportionate rewards at the expense of the many pretenders at the table. … Just as it would drive a doctor or a pilot crazy if there were lots of rookies operating on patients or flying planes


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