Chris Camillo on turning 20k into 2m

Sketch notes of video featured on ValueWalk.

Used contrarian/vale strategies. Turned $20k into $2m from period 2007-2010.

1 or 2 big trades a year.

never a bad time to invest.

identify game-changing impacts to companies. look for something that wall street hasn’t picked up on yet. “information arbitrage investment”, when wall street picks up on it, exit investment.

not important what you think is the next big thing, but what you notice around you. e.g. a popular book got turned into a film. the film company’s share price that produced the adaptation of the book doubled.

20-40% of portfolio in new trade. Of 8 or 9 of his positions over the years, nearly all were big hits, only 1 flop.

might wait 8-9 months to catch next big idea. patience required.

critical observation required. “anyone can do it”, allegedly – it’s a case of retraining your brain.

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3 Responses to Chris Camillo on turning 20k into 2m

  1. 1 or 2 big trades a year from 2007-2010 is at most 8 big trades. Wasn’t there an octopus that correctly guessed all the right results from the football world cup? If he can repeat the feat by turning 2m into 200m by 2016 then I’ll be impressed.

    Sorry to be so downbeat but I’ve just been reading “fooled by randomness”, so I’m very alert to these random results at the moment.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  3. I’m a bit sceptical of this chap’s claims, although I won’t say he’s being economical with the truth as I haven’t seen his data.

    However as John says we’re talking about 8 trades or so. I reckon he’d have had to make an average return of around 80% or so to get to $2 million.

    Possible? Perhaps, on such a focussed portfolio. I’d like to see more outlets ask for the exact trades, though.

    (As I say, I’m *not* saying he’s not telling the truth, but the reporting understates the extreme returns required, and should digger deeper I think)

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