VMED – returning capital

I noted that fixed line telecomms company VMED (Virgin Media) has an RS6m of 41%. It has been instituting a capital return programme. An RNS on 14-Dec-2012 notes:

Virgin Media’s results over recent years have demonstrated our ability to grow revenue, control costs, refinance debt and generate cash. Since beginning our share repurchase programme in July 2010, we have repurchased 73 million shares of common stock for £1.127bn, representing around 22% of our share count at that time.

It floated in Oct 2009.

Stock on loan: 2.15%

Shares in issue has decreased from 329.2m at flotation to 268.3m today.

Interesting, no?

That’s all I know. There’s very little in the way of BB discussion on this share. Might or might not be interesting to a special sits guy. Let me know if it piques your interest.

No position.


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