SGP – follow-up

Not much to see here – I wrote a note to myself to do a follow-up on SGP (Supergroup) on a post I wrote 6 months ago.

I made the note:

This is reminiscent of PIC (Pace), whose shares have suffered swingeing declines, only to experience a massive bounceback. In both companies, management have been strengthened. I am expecting SGP to follow a similar pattern to PIC.

Over 6 months, SGP has risen 54%, compared with the Footsie of 8%. None too shabby! I dare say there are plenty of investors who did better – but I can live with a 50-odd percent rise in 6 months!

What looks good now?

LAM at 149p still looks good to me, with a big gap up to 300p still to fill.

VLX at 112p enjoyed a 13% increase today, having gapped down a couple of times over the last year. Directors have been buying recently, and reward/risk still looks good on the basis of EV/Sales, EV/EBITDA, and PFCF. I’m hoping for a quick assault to around the 145p level.

We shall see. But then again, I know nothing, so you’ve been warned.

Happy and prosperous investing, all.


[Edit: VLX closing price is 112p, changed from 100p]

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1 Response to SGP – follow-up

  1. Striver says:

    I sold out of Supergroup a while ago at about 650p for a 70% gain over about 3 months. I’m pretty bullish on them in general as I really like their style of clothes and think they have great brand awareness, but I’m always cautious of holding fashion retailers long term as I’ve seen many come and go over the years. I remember when FCUK was a very popular brand.

    To me it was a screaming buy when it dropped to around 350p but for me I didn’t want it to be a long term holding and was glad it recovered so quickly.


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