QPP – whois 360globalnet.com?

I’m sniffing around QPP again.

I saw a post on 4-traders regarding a company called 360globalnet:

Quindell Property Services is a newly formed group bringing together a number of businesses owned by the vendors, related to the supply of outsourced property services and SaaS based enabling technologies. This transaction will enable Quindell to increase its shareholding in 360GlobalNet Limited (“360”) from 19% to 60% as well as acquiring associated companies.

What is 360GlobalNet? According to their website:, the services they provide are:

  • Video over Internet for business – live streaming from customers to you
  • Crowdsourcing – Distributed work force
  • www.360ConnectandSee.com – Video and Film Production
  • Video Acquisition – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Van Mounted Telescopic Mast Systems
  • Data and Analytics Solution

The website appears to be a placeholder website, as it consists of only one page. In fact, the website actually says “Our New website isn’t quite ready”. So let me get this straight, a company that does data analytics and video over the internet for businesses has a website that “isn’t quite ready”. Um, OK.

But wait! There’s more. According to WHOis, the registrant of 360globalnet is Spiderweb Grafix, with an administrative contact of Selina Jones. Who are Spiderweb Grafix Studios? Well, they have a Facebook Page, but haven’t posted anything (which is fair enough). However, they don’t even appear to have a website of their own, which I would have thought was inexcusable for a website design company. A quick Google did reveal that they have a page over on the freelance portal Elance. There’s a picture of a lady on the overview, who I presume is Ms Jones. The company was founded in 2012, and has 1-5 employees. I have nothing against Spiderweb Grafix, you understand, and I’m not casting any aspersions on their abilities to design web pages.

But you have to ask yourself this: where are the web developers in 360GlobalNet that program all the “video over internet for business”, and why don’t build their own website? Why do they instead choose to let a one-man-band register the domain and create what is just a placeholder page for them?



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