GAH fell 17.3% today to 44.45p, extending its loss from Friday. Based on my observations of similar situations, a local bottom will be made within 3 days, say, followed by a strong bounce. One for the short-term traders, I think. No position right now, but that might change if I’m willing to take a short-term gamble on a rebound.

CUP gained 8.3% to 78.00p as the independent review by KPMG said “there was found to be no evidence of a Company organised practice of staff enticing registered members to subscribe through use of fake profiles.” There were “a number of areas where existing controls and practices could be improved” – but the overall tone of the RNS was very positive. It’s very pleasing to see that the results were almost exactly as I anticipated: basically a clean bill of health with a few “could do better”‘s. I haven’t profited from it, as I’ve never held a position in CUP.

CPP up 16.7% to 3.50p, extending its gains since Mr Ogston announced his departure from the board, and abandonment of takeover plans. No position.

HIBU down 8.3% to 0.330p, I see. Is this thing still going? It seems to have until the end of July to produce some results. I don’t think anyone really expects them to be anything other than terrible news for shareholders. No position.

ENRT fell 7.8% to 0.8300p. This recently caught my attention on a scan of the bulletin boards. Looking at 10-year data, it has never made a profit. Its maximum revenue has been £1.1m, although recently revenue is £0.0m (actually £40k). The number of shares in issues has ballooned more than tenfold over a decade. It’s z-score is -21.03, which is must be close to setting some kind of record. “Cannot Recommend A Purchase”. No position.

DXNS gained 2.2% today to 42p – although I am a little wary of it. I’m in two minds as to what to do here, and whether I should take my profits from the recent gains. Analysts seem to be reducing their 2014 forecasts, and the heavy recent sell-of was on strong volume. OTOH, DXNS is gaining from the demise of its competitors, and has a cozy relationship with many of its suppliers. I hold for now, but I could change my mind quickly.

The ASXX is up 1.5% today, and I’ve had some rip-roaring gains today. My best performer today was SGP (Supergroup) up 5.2%, a momentum stock near its support level. Nice to see EZJ (EasyJet) up 3.9%, another momentum stock which looks like it has just crossed over from my “buy” to “hold” zone. Analysts have become increasingly positive, and according to Stockopedia, it is a Cornerstone Growth stock. It also passes a couple of momentum screens, which of course I don’t find surprising. EZJ also scores highly on Stockopedia’s Composite Rank. Given the big sell-off by stocks since May, Many momentum stocks seem well-supported, so hopefully they’ll see some cracking gains if the market continues on up. I hold EZJ and SGP.


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