SGP – sold

Sold my SGP (Supergroup) today, at a 942.23p (inc all transaction
costs), for a profit of 70%. Not bad!

The reason I sold is not because I thought it was a bad company, or
that I don’t think that the share price can go higher, but because I
think it is overbought. In my momentum system, I’m selling when price
to 50dSMA exceeds 25%. This was triggered this morning (thanks to
Stockopedia’s alert system).

Also, take a look at Stockopedia’s chart for SGP.

The share price has gone up 4 days in a row – so a pullback is not to
be unexpected. The share price has also, to some extent, “gone
parabolic” – another sign that it is overbought. It has also gone from
around 675p in June to around 950p – an increase of around 40% in under
2 months.

I am still bullish of SGP, and would be very interested in getting back
in if it moved back down closer to a support level. In the meantime,
I’ll sit on the sidelines.

My momentum system isn’t perfect, of course. It sometimes gets you out
of a share, and then tells you to get back in at a higher price. I
would not claim that the system I’m developing is purely mechanical,
either. It requires some human brainpower to determine if the system is
giving false signals. I think that particular attention needs to be
paid to the possibility that it flags shares as a buy, but momentum has
broken down.

We shall see.

About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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