Why #RaspberryPi could be a #Linux game-changer

To my amazement, I saw a wifi dongle advertised for the Raspberry Pi. The cameras are also another piece of hardware advertised for the Pi.

I bought a wifi USB device for my computer recently, and I still haven’t been able to set it up properly on Manjaro, yet. I seem to be half-way there – the other half eludes me so far.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a wifi dongle
specifically targetted at Pis. Linux has always been a crapshoot with regards to hardware. Installing hardware can be enough to make your head bleed. When you get manufacturers effectively certifying their hardware as Linux-compatible – that suddenly brings Linux to a whole new level.

We are far from “there” yet. Maybe Pis are just a fad, I don’t know. It will be interesting to see if Raspberry come out with a next-gen Pi – hopefully something that costs a bit more than the current version, but which is closer to becoming a proper computer … something with a bit more beef that I can attach a hard drive to without having to worry about power issues.

Interesting times.


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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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