Citywire – Harry Nimmo interview notes

Some sketch notes on the interview on Harry Nimmo by Citywire on 10 Oct. He is manager of the Standard Life UK Smaller Companies Trust. The full video is here: .

You can see his current top 10 holdings here: As of writing, they are: ASC, TEP, PAP, HL, RMV, XAR, ABC, MONY, DNLM, TED.

The latest PDF of his holdings, which is more comprehensive of course, is here:

Sketch notes on the interview below.

skeptical on cyclicals due to QE. prefers non-cyclical resilient smaller growth companies

smaller companies starting to get quite expensive in historical terms.

trends looking to exploit:
* online businesses. new ones coming through: optimal payments, machibo group (??). smart phones tablets
* high quality retailers: supergroup, ted baker, dunelm


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2 Responses to Citywire – Harry Nimmo interview notes

  1. StrollingMolby says:


    I’ve starting following the small cap selections and musings of Harry Nimmo since the excellent Standard Life UK Smaller Companies Trust AGM write-up by ShareSoc’s Roger Lawson.

    Nimmo has a terrific track record with interesting growth stocks, and doesn’t mind paying for growth. As someone who is very ‘time poor’ lately, he’s one of a few managers whose ideas I’m pleased to research further (I’d include the Liontrust team in that subset).

    I’ve started an SLS thread on ADVFN if you wish to monitor the trust’s holdings in future.

    All the best,

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