$MONY.L – nice IMS – and the paradox of popularity

Online comparison website MONY (Moneysupermarket.com) has released an IMS today stating that Q3 is in line with management expectations, with revues ahead 5%, and EBITDA ahead 26% ahead of the same period last year. Full year EBITDA is expected to be “mid-single digit percentage ahead of current analyst consensus”. (http://is.gd/5YMNsR)

The market reacted very well to the news, sending the shares up around 15% in early trading.

Readers may remember that I bought some shares in MONY on 15 October (http://is.gd/g5PzPZ), along with SAL (SpaceandPeople). SAL had proven to be the more popular choice amongst readers, although it’s MONY that is pulling ahead. I had seen that kind of situation before. That should serve as a lesson to us. Just because others think your idea to be uninteresting compared to something else, doesn’t necessarily mean you are wrong. It may well be the idea where people think you’ve lost the plot that is actually the better one.

Happy investing to you all.

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