Stockopedia UK Technicals

For the record, Stockopedia’s front page is reporting UK Edition Technicals:

  • Advancers 614. Decliners 410
  • New Highs 843. New Lows 1018
  • Above 200dMA 843. Below 200d MA 1056
  • Median forecast PE 14.32
  • Median dividend yield 2.70%
  • Earnings Growth estimates 13.74%
  • FTSE100 6730

I actually think that the market is not in frothy territory, and have confidence (overconfidence?) that I can produce an acceptable return for 2014. However, I think the New Lows exceeding New Highs, and the number of shares below their 200d MA exceeding those above, is likely to be bearish technically. The theory – well at least my interpretation of technical lore  – is that the preponderance of new lows indicates a change in momentum for the worse. The 200d MA would also tend to act as either a floor or ceiling for stocks. There are now more ceilings than floors, which is bearish.

The switchover to negativity seems, to my recollection, a very recent development. So maybe we’re in for a bumpy ride. Anyway, we shall see. Don’t take it too seriously, though.


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1 Response to Stockopedia UK Technicals

  1. kill noel edmonds says:

    Or perhaps the existence of sites like Stockopedia, wider availability of in depth financial tools, good commentary, etc, is leaving a load of turd stocks permanently out of favour.. You can lower the risk of investing in a going concern by looking at its P-score or whatever, but the risk of an oil explorer, etc, stays as big as ever. But I suppose if so then volatility in a broad class of stocks ought to be in decline, which I don’t think is happening.

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