Praise for Stockopedia

Stockopedia has a wealth of resources for those into quantitative strategies. Their composite long index is up 63% over 2 years, compared with 25% for the Footsie. That’s an impressive outperformance. Although not stated explicitly, I think the composite figure is based on their proprietary StockRank. The StockRank is an amalgam of Value, Quality, and Momentum. The Momentum Rank is a combination of price and earnings factors; not just price momentum alone. Stockopedia has other ranking systems, such as growth, but these have not been included in the overall StockRank because it was found to detract from the results.

Stockopedia also has a number of Guru Screens, which contain pre-canned filters. Examples are: Greenblatt’s Magic Formula screen, Piotroski screen, 4 Ben Graham value screens, and even a screen of screens. In total, there are 65 pre-set screens for you to choose from. You can “fork” the screens, by tweaking the rules, or create your own screens from scratch.

Another very important feature of Stockopedia is its financial statements section. Each company shows a summary of the accounts over 8 years (including forecasts), and it is possible to dig down more thoroughly via links to separate pages. There is also a wealth of other information on the page, including charts, “margin of safety”, screen passed, profile summaries, latest news, and much more.

You can set up your portfolios in Stockpedia. You can even set up a Fantasy Fund, which is a public fund which competes with all the other public funds. This is yet another way for investors to get investment ideas.

Finally, and if you do nothing else with Stockopedia, it is always worth checking out Paul Scott’s Small Cap Value Report. Paul is a very highly respected private investor. He gives honest, unbiased opinions and analysis. Importantly, he doesn’t have an “angle”, so what you read is intelligent, not hype or space-filler. Everyone is sure to learn something from his free daily reports.

Here is their website:

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