Magic Formula experiment

Awhile back I said that I intended to perform an experiment to see if there was any outstanding characteristics of shares that performed well. I have created an online spreadsheet of the
current Magic Formula stocks, together with a number
of stats:

Is there a pattern differentiating the top quartile, bottom quartile, and middle two quartiles? I will need to let the experiment run for a year to find out.

column headings:
PRICE0 – price as at close yesterday
PRICE1 – current price
CHGPC – price change
MKT – market cap in £m
MFRANK – Magic Formula Rank in percentage terms (higher is better) ROC – Return On Capital
EY – Earnings Yield
V – Stockopedia’s value score
Q – Stockopedia’s quality score
M – Stockopedia’s momentum score
SR – Stockopedia’s composite VQM score
NSCR – number of Stockopedia’s screens passed (“1-1” implies it met the Greenblatt criteria, but it also appeared on a short screen).

All stocks are current selections of the Stockopedia Magic Formula portfolio.

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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