Women on top

Saw this on Twitter: “this is any preschool — 1 dude, 4 ladies. Totally calm. 4 dudes, 1 lady? Utter frigging jumping-off-the-walls chaos.”

It got me to thinking about an observation I had from years back: why are men’s university dorms on the ground floor, whilst women are on the top?

I actually Googled for the answer. Some suggestions seem to be about peeping Toms, whilst most suggested that it was to do with security: if there was a burglar, then they would most likely burgle the ground floor, and men would be more likely to be able to defend themselves. Someone bought up the topic of genital mutilation. There’s always one, isn’t there?

Personally, I had figured that it was because men were more more boisterous than women, so it was better that all that banging and crashing went on on the ground floor, than hearing it through the ceiling.

Like Nigel, who had a habit of spraying aerosol on the fire door, and setting light to it. A slight misunderstanding of function there, methinks. Or that time we decided to build a collection of house for sale notices. The university administration wore its frowny face over that little stunt. Not to mention all the fighting that went on continually. All in good fun, you understand.

Best years of my life!

enjoy your weekend.

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1 Response to Women on top

  1. Dave says:

    Interesting that your dorms were segregated. At my uni we had equal boys and girls on every floor.

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