April 2014 artwork

April 2014 artwork

My attempt at drawing Matt (Mail) Jeevas from Death Note, in a hat.

It is interesting to note that my blog is based around three themes: computers, art, and, predominately, investing. My drawings seem to attract a large proportion of female viewers. Moreover, these viewers are more willing to share and comment on my posts.

So, I would like to extend a big “thank you” to all the women out there who appreciate my artwork. It has led me to think that I might try, on occasion, to produce some work that I think will appeal especially to a female audience, “if you know what I mean”. No promises, though.

I would like to point out that all my artwork is created by myself, although it is based on reference material. So don’t be surprised if the images look familiar. I am only a beginner, making it very difficult for me to construct drawings without copying. Hopefully, this situation will improve as time progresses.

About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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