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The ley lines of Glasgow

Or, Glasgow In a Nutshell … One commenter on my last post runs a blog called Mythical Planet, and his latest entry is on “Point Pleasant” (, a city in West Virginia. “There are many famous tales about this region … Continue reading

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May 2014 artwork

A drawing of Matt Jeevas from Death Note. Matt makes for interesting drawing material. This time he’s being a badass with a gun.

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SGP – a retrospective on my sell

I often call SGP (Supergroup) the worst sell I ever made. I had sold on 16 July 2013 at 942p, only to watch the share price climb much higher. A few days ago, I got an alert that the shares … Continue reading

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FLYB – Flybe – probably fairly priced

After some hemming and harring over the weekend, I decided to sell out of FLYB (Flybe) – the airline. My rationale was simple: it looks fairly priced to me. In hindsight, I should have sold at the beginning of April, … Continue reading

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Index RSIs

Here’s a quick rundown on the various indices in terms of their RSI. Stockopedia was used to obtain this information. UKX normal, off overbought levels MCX oversold, and dipping below its 200dma AXX oversold, and below its 200dma HIX overbought … Continue reading

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FTSE 100 overbought, FTSE AIM All Share oversold

I have had a very disappointing performance of my shares since the start of the tax year. My shares are down 8.7%, compared to a positive return of 1.8% for the All-Share. The All-Share is heavily weighted to the Footsie … Continue reading

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Magic Hat portfolio: MJW out, XCH in

It’s time to update the Magic Hat portfolio on Stockopedia. Both IMT (Imperial Tobacco) and MJW (Majestic Wine) have the lowest MF (Magic Formula) rankings of 79%. IMT qualifies for the “Screen of Screens”, although it does also appear … Continue reading

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