Market stats

A periodic recording of the valuation levels of the market:

DATE          --------------PBV-------------     --------------PER---------------
               P20   P40   P50    P60   P80      P20    P40    P50    P60    P80 
05-May-2014   1.23  1.93  2.39   3.10  5.06    11.66  14.73  16.37  18.11  22.77
06-May-2013   0.85  1.34  1.71   2.19  4.12    -1.27  10.87  12.77  14.51  20.09
21-Nov-2010   1.13  1.88         2.76  4.93

As you can see, over the period of 1 year, the market has gone from being being undervalued historically to being overvalued.



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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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