The ley lines of Glasgow

Or, Glasgow In a Nutshell …

One commenter on my last post runs a blog called Mythical Planet, and his latest entry is on “Point Pleasant”
(, a city in West Virginia. “There are many famous tales about this region which include a creature named Mothman.He had a stature of 7 feet and wings up to 10 feet.This creature reputedly terrorized the West Virginia community area from November 1966 to December 1967. … This creature was , according to reports extraterrestrial,mutant or a cryptid.”

It reminded me of a story that my father related to me whilst attending my graduation at Glasgow. He was walking along the street, and came across a man who explained that he was “following ley lines”. Reality turned out to be much more mundane, and simultaneously much funnier, than tales of the supernatural, though. The man was, in fact, very drunk, and the so-called “ley lines” were cracks in the pavement.

On a previous occasion, me and a friend were walking home from university, and came across a man who had apparently collapsed on the pavement. My friend decided to shake him and check that he was alright. It turned out that he was incredibly drunk and so decided to have a bit of a lie down. Upon being disturbed, he did right himself, and merrily trotted off down the road. Not in a straight line, though.

Obviously, I’m not saying all Glaswegians are drunkards, but, well, draw your own conclusions.

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