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August 2014 artwork

  Darker than Black.

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$TSCO.L – Tesco – a 200p valuation

BLUF: Share price 230p, estimated value 200p, implied downside 13% In light of Tesco’s announcement to reduce their dividend, I thought it would be worthwhile having a stab at a possible valuation for Tesco. My previous valuation in March ( … Continue reading

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Should You Buy ASOS plc On Takeover Speculation?

BLUF: No “Should You Buy ASOS plc On Takeover Speculation?”. That was the question posed over at Motley Fool today ( Uncharacteristically for them, they actually answered the question posed in the headline. Their answer is: “Maybe”. Hmmm, I think … Continue reading

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Twitch: was it worth $970M to Amazon?

BLUF: it might be! The BBC reported recently that Amazon buys video-game streaming site Twitch for $970M. The question is, of course, how can a game clips company be worth $1b? Has Amazon lost its mind in a fit of … Continue reading

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A simple value strategy using Stockopedia

A mechanical strategy that I’ve been using lately, with good effect, is to hunt on Stockopedia for the following criteria: * Value >= 70 * Quality >=70 * 14-day oversold in last 5 days ( I’m looking for sufficient value … Continue reading

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“How to Read a Book”. tl;dr

“How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading”, by Mortimer Adler and Charles van Doren. Regarded as a classic, and receiving high praise. Amazon readers rate it 4.5 out of 5. Praiseworthy, indeed. Weighing in at 426 … Continue reading

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Magic Formula selection from a year ago

On 14-Aug-2014 I blogged an example Magic Formula portfolio consisting of 8 shares: The current share prices are, in pence, for the record: RNK 167, IRV 648, SPT 99, LSC 2450, KENZ, HRG 60, AZN 4202, BA 438 The … Continue reading

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Benchmark of Dell Vostro, Cubietruck and my new ASUS VivoPC

I’ve had my ASUS VivoPC for a few days now, which I have been busy setting up. It came with Win 8.1. I had a play with it, to see what all the fuss was about. I can’t say I … Continue reading

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beancounter setup

Sundry notes about setting up beancounter on linux Create an empty database, avoiding creating “junk” entries like Microsoft: setup_beancounter -s

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Perfect, Putrid and Mediocre portfolios

I cam across an interesting blog article by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, “The Putrid Portfolio” (, via Monevator ( His argument is largely this: let us define the “Perfect Portfolio” as those stocks that perform the best. If you then apportion those … Continue reading

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