Lame joke: A physicist, mathematician and engineer …

It might be unknown by many of you that I have a PhD in mathematics and work in the Oil & Gas industry. After all these years the latter field, I am actually trying to gain some knowledge of Oil & Gas. It is hard for me, as I rate myself as being extremely poor at acquiring knowledge. My brain is quite old now, so often it is a case of information going in one synapse and out the other. O&G has a lot of engineering discipline surrounding it, and, what with my recent mathematical musings, it brings to mind an old joke about a physicist, mathematician and engineer. It goes something like this …

So, a physicist, mathematician and engineer were asked to find the volume of a big red rubber ball. The physicist drops the ball into water, and measures the volume of water displaced. The mathematician gets some calipers, measures the diameter of the ball, and calculates the volume mathematically. The engineer, on the other hand, picks up the ball, writes down its serial number, and looks up the volume in the big red rubber ball specification table.

Well, I didn’t necessarily say that it was a funny joke.

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1 Response to Lame joke: A physicist, mathematician and engineer …

  1. Kurt McKee says:

    A biologist, a historian, and a mathematician are seated in a coffee shop with a view of the building across the street. They observe two people enter a building and, after some time, three people leave.

    The biologist, with a sly grin on his face, informs the group that the two people must have procreated while in the building. The historian quickly corrects the biologist, reminding him of the importance of summarizing and cataloging the event while avoiding personal interpretations.

    The mathematician, agitated, blurts out “Nobody cares about any of that! I’m going to be uncomfortable until another person enters the building so it will be empty again!”

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