My maths PDFs are now on my website (#fuzzylogic, #DCF)

I have set up virtual hosting on my Nginx server to support multiple hosts. Now my PDFs are available via HTTP as well as FTP. Check out the site:

There are only two articles at the moment:

  1. aswath.pdf – a useable document detailing my  Python Aswath Module, which reproduces some of the DCF models used by Aswath Damodaran
  2. defuzz.pdf – which investigates the simplification of the defuzzification process in Fuzzy Logic.

I am excited about a couple of other articles that I am writing. One is a mathematical diversion about leaning ladders on a wall (you can really write articles about that?), and another one is about simplifying the antecedants in Fuzzy Logic problems. I wrote a Python program which solved a complete problem in under 100 lines, which includes code for the “toolbox”. Very neat.

Although my website/blog is seen by most as investing-related, the mathematical and programming articles are beginning to attract more interest. Might I even start digging out parts of my PhD thesis and turning them into blog articles and YouTube videos? When I did my PhD, YT was unheard of. However, I think that the systems I studied might make good videos. Earlier this year, I saw a video of a beehive where the bees moved in such a way that “waves” appeared to propagate over the hive. That was very interesting, because it very much reminded me of the excitable reaction-diffusion systems I had been studying for my PhD.

It’s very difficult finding all the time to fit my interests in.

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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2 Responses to My maths PDFs are now on my website (#fuzzylogic, #DCF)

  1. jgarrigan80 says:

    Hi mcturra,

    I’m a new follower and I’m loving the posts. I’m working as a telecoms engineer but thinking of heading back to uni to get a masters in data analytics. I’m relearning how to program again after avoiding it like the plague in my early years. I think having a tech background and knowledge of investing is a powerful combo so I’d love to see a few YT vids. I’m a visual learner and I think YT is a great learning platform for people like me. I look forward to future posts.


    • mcturra2000 says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you like my posts.

      A lot of my PhD work in excitable reaction diffusion systems probably lends itself well to visualisation. Animating the simulations would be a not inconsiderable project, not least because I haven’t touched my PhD work in over a decade.

      On the plus side, the results would be fairly unique, because it’s quite a narrow field.

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