PDFs uploaded: clean surplus accounting, and hacker’s guide to investing

Two articles on investing: Clean Surplus Accounting, and Hacker’s guide to Investing, have now been uploaded onto my PDF site for your reading pleasure. They were originally only available on Scribd. At the time Scribd was the only way I was prepared to make them available. I didn’t want them taking up space on my website tree. Scribd now seems to suck, requiring a paid-for subscription to download material. I now have the infrastructure to host my PDF files in the way that I want to. A summary of the articles I have uploaded is below.

clean.pdf – Clean Surplus Accounting – a summary of the book Buffett and Beyond, by J.B. Farwell. My article is only 3 pages long. I think it actually does a good job of summarising his whole book. You may find that difficult to believe. The book does contain a lot of waffle for what is basically a very simple idea.

hackinvest.pdf – Hacker’s guide to investing – mostly a summary of The Little Book that Beats the Market, by Joel Greenblatt. Some extras have been introduced, particularly in areas were I made an attempt to reconcile data sources. The name of the article was inspired by “Hacker’s Diet”, an ebook written by John Walker, of AutoCad fame. I wrote to John once, and he was gracious enough to respond to me. Top bloke!

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3 Responses to PDFs uploaded: clean surplus accounting, and hacker’s guide to investing

  1. Siva says:

    Hey Mark,
    Trying to read your ebook on Magic Formula but unable to download the file. Could you please check the link for its validity ?

  2. Siva says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing it

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