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$NPT.L – NetPlay TV – a Magic Hat disaster

Gaming company NPT (NetPlay TV) issued its Q3 trading update yesterday, in which it said: “Despite the Group’s level of marketing spend, it has not achieved the targeted levels of new customers and net revenue expected from this spend. This … Continue reading

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Markets correction

It finally happened: markets are down 10% from their high, which is regarded commonly as a “correction”. Both the Footsie and the All Share are now just a shade below 90% of the highs established in February/March. I don’t know … Continue reading

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PDFs uploaded: clean surplus accounting, and hacker’s guide to investing

Two articles on investing: Clean Surplus Accounting, and Hacker’s guide to Investing, have now been uploaded onto my PDF site for your reading pleasure. They were originally only available on Scribd. At the time Scribd was the only way I … Continue reading

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My manga sketch of the Laughing Man, Ghost in the Shell

I felt that I would show off the sketch I did of the Laughing Man yesterday. I hadn’t done any drawing for the last 10 days. I find that, even though I don’t sketch, drawing ability can still improve. The … Continue reading

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My maths PDFs are now on my website (#fuzzylogic, #DCF)

I have set up virtual hosting on my Nginx server to support multiple hosts. Now my PDFs are available via HTTP as well as FTP. Check out the site: There are only two articles at the moment: aswath.pdf – … Continue reading

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Looping through a null-terminated array of strings of unknown size

Sometimes, it is inconvenient to either state or compute the size of an array of some type of objects. That being the case, we must use a termination marker; usually a NULL or 0. For example, suppose we have a … Continue reading

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Simple multithreaded http client in C using curl in 100 lines

I often find simple examples never go as far as I want. They miss some important detail that makes them useful. In an attempt to bridge that gap, I’ll present a program that uses curl to retrieve price data of … Continue reading

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$RMG.L – Royal Mail – a look back

Share investing is a funny old game. I was allotted shares at its flotation, and sold the share on 11 October 2013 for 438.6p (including expenses). Imagine my chagrin to see it climb way beyond that to a high of … Continue reading

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My rant about The Motley Fool

TMF (The Motley Fool) is really making me grind my teeth these days. They headlined today with: “The FTSE 100 Is Dirt Cheap: Take Advantage With SABMiller plc, Rio Tinto plc & Banco Santander SA” ( They note that the … Continue reading

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Magic Hat portfolio: LRM in, SMWH out

The Magic Hat portfolio on Stockopedia ( is an experiment by me to see if a human can improve on a mechanical Greeblatt Magic Formula screen. I am trying to weed out “mistakes” that I feel the screening commits: unseasoned … Continue reading

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