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Article: Fund manager performance

Abstract: In this notebook, we seek to address the problem: does an FM (Fund Manager) or investor beat the index? The problem is looked at from two angles: a frequentist hypothesis test using the binomial distribution, and a Bayesian statistician … Continue reading

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A directory quick-change script in bash

It is convenient to have mnenomic names for favourite directories so that you can change to them quickly. ‘cdargs’ is a directory bookmarking utility that I use quite often, but I find that it can become cluttered, and difficult to … Continue reading

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Bayesian simulation of a biased coin (PDF)

This article provides an introduction to the Bayesian updating process using the example of a biased coin. It shows how the distribution narrows, and likelihood increases as more data is gathered. It is intended to sharpen your understanding of how … Continue reading

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$RGS.L – Regenersis – what gives?

Business support services company RGS (Regenersis) “specializes in a range of after-sales services, which include product repair enabling its clients to deliver service to their customers. Its depot services consist of same day warranty, non warranty repair and refurbishment, together … Continue reading

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$CNKS.L – investing is never easy

Investing, it’s never easy, is it? CNKS (Cenkos Securities) is down nearly 20% over the last week, because it is nomad to the disgraced insurance/computer services company QPP (Quindell). Investors now have to work out if and how much the … Continue reading

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$HYNS.L – Haynes – makes me yawn

Virtually everybody in the UK has heard of HYNS (Haynes); they publish car and motorcycle repair manuals. It is the kind of share that value investors tend to like. I noticed that Richard Beddard wrote an article about them last … Continue reading

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Rules on Nomads

AIM rules for companies – February 2010 ( – PDF, LSE), states, page 3: If an AIM company ceases to have a nominated adviser the Exchange will suspend trading in its AIM securities . If within one month of that … Continue reading

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