Garmanbozia theory in Twin Peaks

I’m something of a fan of Twin Peaks, so I’m happy to learn that they’ll be a series 3 coming out.

An interesting scene from Twin Peaks 2:
It’s really interesting what is happening: MFAP (Man From Another Place) touches Mike, and they both say to Bob simultanously: “I want all my garmonbozia (sorrow and pain)”. Bob then touches Leland, who looks sad. He seems to extract this “garmonbozia” from Leland, which he shakes out onto the floor in the form of blood. The blood then disappears, and there is a shot of a mouth eating some creamed corn. Presumably this represents the the fact that MFAP (the dwarf dressed in red) and maybe Mike is eating the garmonbozia.

Lynch puts so much symbolism into his films, but doesn’t give us enough information to decode the message!

Mike is a one-armed man. Apparently he had some tattoo on his left arm which made him possessed by an evil spirit. In order to free himself from possession, he cut off his arm. In a different scene, it is implied that the dwarf is somehow Mike’s left arm.

This brings us back to the garmonbozia scene! The dwarf touches Mike’s left shoulder. so, symbollically, does this mean that the left arm is reattaching to Mike, and that the dwarf is therefore in possession of Mike’s actions? That’s why they’re speaking simultaneously! The dwarf is speaking through Mike!

I wonder what the relationship is between the dwarf and Bob. We’re always led to believe tthat Bob is the most powerful one. But perhaps the dwarf is the one in control, as he is able to make demands from Bob.

Here’s another interesting observation: Leland seems to have no conscious recollection of his evil deeds, which seem to occur under possession. But I always got the sense that Leland seems to at least understand it at a subconcious level. So maybe Leland becomes possessed by Bob, and commits evil deeds (OK, that one’s not particularly contentious). Bob does this to “generate garmonbozia”, which is then extracted from Leland. So maybe when the garmonbozia is removed, those memories are also removed, because they are part of the garmonbozia.

A lot of things seem to fit when you view them that way. It’s difficult to know how much Lynch planned this as a cohesive whole, and how much are just random elements put together out his subconscious that happened to have many elements of cohesiveness. Is there, for example, any special symbolism of having the characters in the Lodge speak their lines backwards, or was it just a way of Lynch making the scenes more dreamlike?

It’s all very weird.

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  1. Jake says:

    We always learn new things about you 🙂

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