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Share price momentum in $DTG.L (Dart Group) continues

Ed Croft wrote an article on Stockopedia today, about DTG (Dart Group) ( the shares shot up today (I’ll resist using the word “flew”) by 18% on the release of the trading statement: The Board believes that Group underlying operating … Continue reading

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LMI – Lonmin – nursing a heavy loss

I selected LMI for the Motley Fool 2014 share competition, and regretted it. Fortunately, I personally bailed out way before the end of the year, saving myself from its inexerable decline. Seeing it selected for 2015, I hemmed and harred, … Continue reading

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Sold my $TSB.L (TSB Banking) shares

TSB is a bank that was floated by the government in June 2014. I was lucky enough to have applied for exactly the right amount of shares. They’ve actually been a boring performer, having reached a peak of 297p in … Continue reading

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moonio: afternoon hack to quickly embed an(y) intertpretter into IPython

IPython is a tool that is catching on like wildfire. Jupyter ( is a project that is attempting to split apart the Python-specific parts from the generic infrastructure. I had no idea how the project was architected, but I decided … Continue reading

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Dirt-simple multi-threading in Haskell

I am a completely newbie to Haskell, and I wanted to find out about concurrency. After the usual rounds of being completely baffled as to why my program won’t compile, a managed to come up with a very simple multi-threaded … Continue reading

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New kids Go, Julia, Rust vs old boys C, Haskell, Lisp, Python, Smalltalk

Python is my Go To language of choice. It has plenty of libraries, they’re mature, and the language is expressive, quick and simple to use. IPython notebook makes Python an even greater pleasure to use, as you can code in … Continue reading

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Just Lucky? Now you can find out. #bayes #statistics

Over on John Chew’s investing blog, he wrote an article called “Beating an Index or What Works on Wall Street” (, in which he reported: Richard Brealey, a respected data analysis, estimated that to make reasonable assumptions about a strategy’s … Continue reading

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Magic Hat Portfolio March 2015: FLYB + PRES in, IRV out

Another month for the Magic Hat portfolio (, so it’s time for another selection of shares. There’s been a considerable style drift in the fund since inception. It started out investing in quality, then moved to the Greenblatt screen last … Continue reading

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$RFC.L – Rangers FC suspended

@redmaynebentley tweets today: “Rangers FC suspended after nominated advisor quits” ( WH Ireland “does not believe that it can satisfy the London Stock Exchange in relation to its Nomad obligations in respect of the appropriateness of the company’s securities to … Continue reading

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The insanity of university degrees

I noticed an article in LSE (London South East): “Tuition fees would drop to £6,000 under Labour”. ( This news shocked me, as back in my days, students weren’t expected to to pay tuition fees. Picking Birmingham University pretty much … Continue reading

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