Searching for spinoffs

There was a fair amount of interest for my recent post about spinoffs.

An excellent resource for recent and upcoming spinoffs is StockSpinoffs:

The recent ones look a little out-date, but it is still a site that is maintained actively.

You can search Edgar, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, for 10-12B(/A) forms: (equivalently:

Form 10-12B is a registration statement that companies must file when they issue new stock in a spinoff. Sometimes information is missing, like the date of the spinoff. Forms 10-12B/A are ammendments to forms, which may fill in some of the blanks.

One last tip: you may want to copy the RSS Feed link into whatever software you use for reading feeds. That way, you can stay up-tp-date with the latest developments.

All resources listed in this article are free.

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