(Nearly) every share in my portfolio

After my recent portfolio review, I thought it would be a good idea for to step back and do a quick review of the shares in my portfolio. This will help solidify my own thinking about the shares, and see if I have any weak convictions in the choices. I will omit my holdings in OEICs and shares that I hold on behalf of others.

APH Alliance Pharma. When I bought this share it basically went nowhere for a long time, but is up 24% since purchase. So I am not unhappy. Sometimes it just takes awhile for things to happen. It has a (Stockopedia) rank of 98, and a Momentum rank of 99. I’m quite keen on momentum, so I’m happy to hold this one.

CCL Carnival. Fairly recent purchase, so it’s not gone anywhere much. Momentum 90, and one of the value-momentum screens. It has a PE of 17, which will put many people off, but its PEG is 0.55. Its Piotroski score is 8. I’m happy to hold this as a recovery share, as I think it has the potential to surprise people.

CGL Catlin. Value and Momentum share in the 90’s. Dividend yield 5.3%. Looking good.

CGS Castings. I’m down 16% on this. I’m never particularly happy when that happens. PE is 10.4, EV/EBITDA is 5.41, which is pretty cheap. Dividend yield is 3.62%. It passes the Ben Graham Deep Value Checklist and Earnings Surprise. With a PE of 10.4 and a PEG of 0.8, it “should” do OK. I’m not expecting it to shoot the lights out, but I think it’s OK to hold.

CHAR Chariot Oil and Gas. Bought this one earlier in the year because it’s a net-net. It’s not done anything yet, but we’ll see. It qualifies for 3 Stockopedia screens, all of them bargain screens. That shouldn’t be too surprising considering how cheap it is. Actually, Stockopedia’s Negative Enterprise Value Screen has shown a pretty dismal performance, being down 30.8% over 2 years, underperforming the Footsie by about 40%. Maybe it’s a strategy that works best after a market crash, when there are plenty of bargains available.

CNCT Connect. Stock Rank 91. It passes the Naked Trader-esque screen and the Greenblatt screen. PE is 8.01, with a value of 96, and a yield of 6.3%. This is another one where I’m not expecting to shoot the lights out. It’s OK to hold, albeit nothing exciting.

CRC California Resources. A spinoff that has nearly doubled on me over a few months. I don’t think it was the bargain it once was, and I think I should seriously consider ejecting it from the portfolio. As a company, it was probably one of the crummiest. That hadn’t stopped it from being a brilliant performer, though.

DOM Dominos Pizza. A high momentum stock (96), with a Piotroski score of 8. It’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, making me nervous of holding it. Terry Smith has it in his portfolio, though.

DTG Dart Group. This is a share that has defied most people’s expectations. I’m torn between sticking with it as a momentum share, and letting it go because of its PE ratio. Its EV/EBITDA is 2.36, which is cheap. So I’m a bit schizophrenic on this one.

FLYB Flybe. This has been talked about a lot. The shares fell of a cliff in January, and I decided that they were worth a punt on share price recovery. So far, that hasn’t happened, and I’m down 5.5% on the share. There had been a lot of exciting talk about the company’s expansion when the share price was high. The mood has changed since then, as the market now expects things to me more complicated than it had first supposed. They’re probably right. We’ll see.

GFM Griffin Mining. I’m up slightly on this one. It has a value rank of 95. It was on a PBV of 0.49 when I bought, and there were some heavy directors purchases at the time. So I figured this company was good enough to take a punt on.

HIK Hikma Pharma. Despite the high PE ratio, this one has been a very reasonable performer for me. I’ve set an alert for if its momentum score drops below 80. I might sell then.

HYH Halyard Health. Another spinoff. Up 31% since I bought earlier this year. So it’s been a good performer for me. You can see why I like spinoffs! It had revenues of $1672m last year, on a market cap of $2260m. It is cheap compared with its peers, and I think this may actually turn out to be a good quality company. At the moment, I’m happy to hold onto this share, and see how it goes. Hopefully it will be a good long-term hold.

ICP Intermediate Capital. This has been another good performer. It has a momentum rank of 98, an overall rank of 91, and pays a dividend of 4.34%. I’m happy enough to hold.

INDV Indiviour. Another spinoff that I bought earlier this year. It’s up nearly 38% since I bought, despite all the negatively. It’s got good momentum, and a stock rank of 99. It also passes the screen of screens. So I think it’s worth holding onto.

IRV Interserve. A disappointing share for me. I’m down 8.5% on it, having bought in March last year. Momentum is fairly weak, but it does have a PE of 8.9 and a PEG of 0.25. A yield of 4.32% also means that it should be OK. Nothing to get excited about, but it’s holdable.

KAZ KAZ Minerals. I averaged down on this one. This is a potentially disasterous strategy, and one that I generally don’t like to do nowadays, but it paid off on this occasion. Overall, I’m down nearly 4% on this share. Its PBV is 0.73. There should be value there, although I might drop it if I find a better company.

KBC KBC Adv Tech. I’m up a little on this one. Directors had been buying, and the shares were cheap enough to justify a purchase. On reflection, the purchases weren’t that extensive. The yield isn’t great, but the PE is 10.7 and it has an EV/EBITDA of 5.28, which is fairly cheap. I don’t have a high conviction on this.

KEYS Keysight Tech. Another spinoff, but not a great performer for me. I had bought after a run-up. David Einhorn seemed to like it, too. It’s probably not compelling value, so I probably wont sweat too much about selling it if I see something much more interesting.

LMI Lonmin. I’m down 19.1% on this, so I’m not a happy bunny. I’ve written about this before, so I’ll not talk about it further here.

LOOK. Lookers. This company hasn’t done much for me. I’ve held for a little over a year, and was expected good things from it. So far it hasn’t delivered. However, it does pass Stockopedia’s Value Momentum screen, and has a stock rank of 98, so I think it’s worth holding on. Its momentum rank is 92, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it from where I’m sitting.

PLE Plethora. I’m down 45.4% on this one. A story stock disaster! I’ve written about it before in my review, so I’ll not mention it further here.

POL Polo Resources. I’m down 45.6% on this, which is an object lesson on why not to catch a falling knife. However, it has negative enterprise value, so I’m inclined to hold on.

PRES Pressure Tech. Another cheopo company that I’m losing money on. Good yield, though. I bought this a short-term experiment in buying big stock-fallers. So far, computer says “mixed”. Hmm.

RBS Royal Bank of Scotland. Down 11.2% on this one. It’s selling at less than book value. It may be a long haul before things come good on this.

REDD Redde. This has been a fantastic performer for me. It has a PE of 14.7, so it’s arguably not cheap. However, it does have a momentum rank of 97, and a stock rank of 94. The yield is 6.18%. Unless disaster strikes, I think the share price should be underpinned by the dividend. That’s the theory, anyway.

SHOS Sears Hometown. Down 32%. So much for net-nets!

TAST Tasty. A great performer for me, one that I’ve held since 2012. It’s not cheap, but I think it has a lot of growth potential.

THT Thorntons. I seem to be in and out of this share, depending on the price. Fortunately, my timing has been excellent. The bulletin boards seem relatively cold on it at the moment.

UTW UtilityWise. Woodford seems to like this one. I’m down 15.8%, but it isn’t expensive, and it does seem to have a lot of growth potential. I think it’s worth holding onto. The yield is pretty good, too.

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