St George: Best. Saint. Ever

If there’s one thing the English like, it’s a good punch-up. Whether it’s sticking a spear up the arse of some peace-loving native of a tropical paradise, or going head-to-head with another master-race in a veritable clash of the titans, we’ll have a go at anything with the singleness of purpose of a Jack Russell terrier who’s just heard a rustle in the undergrowth. What better way is there to celebrate this fact than to choose the most badass saint as a patron saint? Enter St. George, God’s Terminator.

Whilst no other saint is up to the challenge of slaying a dragon, there are some saints that are decidedly lame. Here’s some of the most bizarre ones:

* St. Ambrose – patron of beekeepers
* St Sebastion – patron of cranky children
* St Bernardine – patron of hoarseness
* St Drogo – patron of unattractive people
* St Fiacre – patron of venereal diseases


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