$DAN.L – Daniel Stewart – avoid

DAN (Daniel Stewart) is a broker/nomad to AIM-listed companies. As of writing, shares are up 13.6% today to 3.04p. There seems to be some excitement about Rob Terry taking a stake in this company, although the last RNS for that was on 23 April.

I just cannot fathom why anyone would want to get involved with anything Rob Terry has a hand in. Haven’t people learned from QPP (Quindell)?

DAN has bought a lot of Chinese companies to the AIM market. Their performance has been abysmal. They are just bottom-feeders. Stockopedia gives DAN a Value score of 7, and a Quality score of 35. In other words: overpriced garbage. DAN has made operating losses in the last 4 of 6 years. It doesn’t pay a dividend.

Its price to sales ratio is 4.12. Similar companies like NUM (Numis) and CNK (Cenkos) have ratios of 3.48 and 1.27 respectively.

I wouldn’t necessarily short this share of course, because Rob Terry has a knack of doing the thing he does well. It’s still utter junk, though.

It will be interesting to see where this is in 6 months time.

May you all be well.


Update 12-Dec-2015: Six months down the road, and DAN has been suspended at 1.66p. I see that there are RNSs for placings and the issuing of convertible bonds. What an atrocious company.

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