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Avoid unique businesses

Reading through Paul Scott’s small-cap value report (, I see that CAP (Clean Air Power) is down nearly 30% today. He says: it’s a micro cap which had promising sounding technology, but it just hasn’t worked commercially to date. The … Continue reading

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Website: Simply Wall Street

Simply Wall Street is a website aimed at helping investors understand the stock market by turning complicated data into simple visuals. Here is an example of one of their visuals: Up to 30 companies can appear on their main grid. … Continue reading

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#sourceforge – the beginning of the end?

I’ve had problems looking at Sourceforge projects. There were some sit-related problems earlier this month, but they had ostenbily been cleared up. The problems seem to have arisen again, though. The official problem has been stated on Jul 17: #SourceForge … Continue reading

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Thinking about growing my hair for charity

In the 80’s I used to have comparitively long hair. My heuristic for deciding to cut my hair was when it interfered with my eyes. I had a “watershed” moment in 1995/6 when I was working on my PhD. There … Continue reading

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Not entirely humorous

The subject of castration came up recently, so I thought I’d share a couple of anecdotes … When I was living with my parents in Essex, we had a young Jack Russell terrier called Toby. He hadn’t been fixed, and … Continue reading

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CHAR – Chariot Oil & Gas – and impossible share prices

The problem with investing is that when your results are good, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between genius and being the luckiest idiot in the world … In April, I had reported that I help shares in CHAR (Chariot Oil … Continue reading

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Programmers are not like writers or engineers

I have been refactoring my accounting program that I have written in Haskell. Although I am new to Haskell, I have found that I am becoming increasingly more productive using it. I think I have surmounted, or about to surmount, … Continue reading

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