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On turning 50

It’s coming up for my 50th birthday. How did that happen? I want a recount! But actually, not really. Being 50 is no great shakes. I have always thought that 30 was the biggest hurdle. At 20, you don’t tend … Continue reading

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Magic hat portfolio: MCGN in, XCH out

My Magic Hat fantasy fund, which is mostly mechanical, is on Stockopedia: Its goal is too achieve above capital returns greater than the FTSE350 and Magic Formula screen using a portfolio of about 12 shares selected from Stockopedia’s Greenblatt … Continue reading

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5 tips on being more charismatic

Summary taken from 6 minute Youtube video “5 Habits of Exceptionally Charismatic People” ( accept your imperfections. Don’t be neurotic or try to be perfect. Don’t be the centre of attention. Instead, ask yourself: “How can I ask the most … Continue reading

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