$MONI.L – Monitise – actually was a dog

In May 2015 I said (http://is.gd/xEXau2) that MONI (Monitise) looked like a dog, with a promise of a six month follow-up.

I said MONI should be avoided. Stockopedia’s StockRank was around 20, which I said was a warning sign. I particularly did not like the company’s RS6m being in the bottom decile. I cited some other reasons, too.

The stock was at 10.12p. It is now 3.07p. I might expect my calls to play out over a much (!) longer time-frame, but in this case its decline was rapid.

When the RS6m is in the bottom decile, beware. They are dangerous stocks. In fact, a simple strategy for traders would, I think, be to choose AIM-listed companies that have never made a profit, with terrible momentum, and short them.

Anyway, I hope no-one got burnt on MONI. You can avoid these kinds of disasters by reading Paul Scott’s Small Cap Value Report on Stockopedia (http://is.gd/CQOojH). Stockopedia aren’t paying me to say that, BTW.

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