10 years of the Footsie

No doubt we are non-too-happy with the way shares have been behaving the last year. I thought I’d take some time to tabulate yearly return for the Footsie. Figures below:

Year Value Return %
2006  5681
2007  6220    9.5
2008  6457    3.8
2009  4434  -31.3
2010  5412   22.1
2011  5899    9.0
2012  5572   -5.5
2013  5897    5.8
2014  6749   14.4
2015  6547   -3.0
YTD   5874  -10.5

As you can see, we have only seen a worse performance during 2008. 2015 is the only period over the last decade where we have had two successive years of losses. However, if you go back further than this, then the ASX had down years in 200, 2001 and 2002. 2002 was the worst of the three.

The downslide at the turn of the millenium was really on the back of a secular bull market that reached crazy heights. I don’t think the UK is anywhere near the zany valuations as they were back then. The US markets look very stretched, and may prove to be more problematical. The most expensive market appears to be Denmark. Russia is the cheapest.

We haven’t really had a proper bear market for a few years now. I have no idea if Mr Market will deliver a refresher course.

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