December 2014

Here is a review of my writings from December 2014.

HYH (Halyard Health) was the first spin-off I bought. It had an atractive valuation. I am actually down 6.8% since purchase, thereby underperforming the S&P500.

I entered RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) in El1teTrader’s share competition because the shares had good momentum and was on a PBV of 0.45. “I’m using momentum is acting [sic] as a confirmation signal of its onging recovery”. The shares are down 22.1% over 1 year, showing that value and momentum can both fail simultaneously.

I was pessimistic on THT (Thorntons).The shares were around 88p in December 2014. The company was taken over at 145p in Jun-Aug 2015.

So basically everything I said in December 2014 was misguided.

I had reactivated my cubietruck single-board computer, and housed it in a brand new lunchbox. With the previous plastic box, I had tried to make a hole in the side by holding a nail to it and hitting the nail with a hammer. It was a bad idea. It caused the plastic to crack. What I did with the new lunchbox was heat the head of a nail. The nail could then be used to melt a hole in the plastic. I am now happy with the container I have. The cubietrack is still providing sterling service. I use it as a webserver-cum-NAS.

About mcturra2000

Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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