Blocking spam ads on ADVFN using Privoxy

I needed to reinstall Windows 7 on my machine, including Firefox. Firefox does not come prepped with an ad blocker.

Ad blocker works reasonably well with ADVFN, although there are some annoyances with the poxy broker comparison section.

I’ve got what I consider to be a good fix: install Privoxy. Warning: it’s a bit technical. Once you’ve started Privoxy, you need to configure Firefox to use it as a proxy server: Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.

Then tick Manual proxy configuration and set HTTP Proxy: localhost, Port 8118. check Use this proxy server for all protocols.

Click OK, and you should find your browsing experience a lot more pleasant. Privoxy should work with any browser that allows connection via a proxy.

You need to tweak Privoxy with some ADVFN-specific stuff, as Privoxy is only configured to block out common problems out of the box.

I’m going to show you how to filter out ADVFN’s ads, as well as that ultra annoying dropdown.

Add the following lines to user.filter:

FILTER: advfn-ads DIV ad blocks.
s/<div id="brokerComparisonAdContainer">/<div id ="junk" style="display:none;">/g


Add the following lines to the file user.action:

{ +filter{advfn-ads} }

{+block-as-image{ADVFN junk.}}

You should be good to go then


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