Compiling #cinelerra-cv in Ubuntu Xenial

I was able to compile the latest version of cinelerra-cv from git:

git clone git:// cinelerra-cv

I used commit 21049b7c from Apr 22 2016.

The following is neither a strictly necessary nor sufficient list of packages that need to be installed, but it should help you to get up to speed reasonably quickly from a new Xenial installation:


# standard'ish GNU tools
sudo apt-get install libtool # stops AC_ENABLE_SHARED, ... probs

# mandatory formats 
sudo apt-get install \
libogg-dev \
libvorbis-dev \
libdv-dev \
libtheora-dev \
libjpeg-dev \
libfaac-dev \
libfaad-dev \
libtiff-dev \
libx264-dev \
libfftw3-dev \
libopenexr-dev \
uuid-dev \
libmjpegtools-dev \
liba52-dev \
libmp3lame-dev \

#optional formats
sudo apt-get install \
libraw1394-dev \
libiec61883-dev \

# optional, but you might as well:
sudo apt-get install \
libqt4-opengl-dev \


Then you can build in a fairly standard way:

sudo make install


I have yet to test cinelerra in operation.


Have fun

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Computer programmer living in Scotland.
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3 Responses to Compiling #cinelerra-cv in Ubuntu Xenial

  1. As a Debian user, I needed to install the following missing packages, too:
    ‘automake’, ‘intltool’, ‘nasm’ ‘libasound2-dev’

  2. IgorVladimirsky says:

    The new official site of Cinelerra-CV

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