Some internet kooks


I have a keen interest in surrealism. So naturally, I am interested in many zany things on the internet.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

With any luck, tomorrow should be an interesting day! DHMIS is a Youtube channel that has published some high-quality videos that start out as kids programmes, but then morph into schizo-paranoia part-way through. It seems to cover themes of commercialism, indoctrination and conformism. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, though.

A weird channel indeed. You can check it out here:

Tomorrow promises to be an eventful day, possibly, as a calendar showing the date 19th June appears in many of their videos. Two of the main characters seemed to have been killed off, with only one remaining. So it could be that we will learn the fate of the remaining character tomorrow. Or not.

Babya Software

Babya Software is, ostensibly, a one-man-band software company run by “A.A. Fussy”. The software is actually a suite of applications covering such things as office and media programmes. The author would often post links to his latest version over on alt.comp.freeware. He would claim that the software was “world-beating”.

However, the software never seemed to perform any task for which it was apparently designed. Commentators were baffled. When people posted as to how useless the software was, he would reply with such dismissive remarks as suggesting that they install the latest version, or that perhaps a missing library needed to be installed.

He seems to have a thing for Apple products, and media presentation software in general. He once asked if he could take icons from OSX and use them in his software. The consensus of replies was that it was likely to be a breach of copyright, but he would not take “no” for an answer.

So perplexing was Fussy’s behaviour that he definitely earns a place as a kook. You can see him demo “Figures”, which is supposed to be an all-in-one spreadsheet, graphing and database package at this link:

It looks like some kind of performance art. However, his behaviour generally seems to be that he sincerely thinks that he is releasing software. Artist? Troll? My conclusion is that the poor lad isn’t exactly dealing from a full deck.

I don’t know much about his true identity. He seems to live in Brisbane, Australia, and must now be in his mid-20’s. His real name is Anthony Mark Sullivan. There is a link which purports to be an interview with him from around 2004, when he was 14:

Needless to say, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information in this article.

Anthony seems to have a mismatch between what it is he thinks he’s doing, and the way others perceive him. Whilst some of his behaviour might have been put down to his youth at the time, he does not seem to have improved, leading to suspicions that he is actually at least mildly retarded.

The interview was discussed here:


No discussion of internet kooks could ever be complete without a mention of the Timecube, the brainchild of “wisest man of earth” Otis Eugene “Gene” Ray. The time cube is based around the notion of “4-simultaneous 24-hour days”. So there is not one earth, but 4 “simultaneous” ones.

The only explanation I can come up with is that Gene has somehow latched onto the fact that you can fit a sphere inside a cube, and cannot shake the notion that this does not imply that there something significant about that fact.

Timecube is so well-known that it even has its own Wikipedia page:

There is even an interview with him on Youtube from 2003:

Timecube had a website. It seemed to have disappeared in 2015. Gene was advanced in age, so the most widely-held theory as to its disappearance is that Gene has died. Here is just the smallest extract from his former site:

Until you can tear and burn the bible to escape the EVIL ONE, it will be impossible for your educated stupid brain to know that 4 different corner harmonic 24 hour Days rotate simultaneously within a single 4 quadrant rotation of a squared equator and cubed Earth. The Solar system, the Universe, the Earth and all humans are composed of + 0 – antipodes, and equal to nothing if added as a ONE or Entity.

Gene also appeared to really hate the idea that if you multiply two negative numbers together, you get a positive one.

It is likely that Gene suffered from schizophrenia.

So there we have it. Enjoy your Internets.

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