Whitehills Gala, inc. RNLI Macduff

Sat 23 Jul was the Whitehills 50th Anniversary Gala. Whitehills is a small fishing village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland that lies three miles west of Banff on the Moray Firth.

2016-07-23 16_19_20-Whitehills - Google Maps.png


Like Hollywood, but not.


View of the sea from Whitehills.

Banff Castle Pipe Band

The pipe band led a parade into the Gala itself. Surprisingly, at least two of the members hailed from England.


The members were all very friendly. They meet Tuesday and Thursday at Banff Castle. There’s free coffee. Apparently they need a drummer. I might take them up on the offer and visit them at least once. I don’t think that this is the complete band, as I saw others down the road that looked as though they were part of the band.

YouTube video (not at this particular event).

RNLI Macduff

Saving the best for last, the RNLI from Macduff had a contingent of volunteers at the gala.


Left to right: John, Ritchie, Jon, Jack

I would like to publicly praise all the volunteers at RNLI Macduff for their compassion, bravery and dedication. The merit of their deeds will lead to their happiness for a long time.

I contacted Mike Rawlins, Press Officer for the station, and he was kind enough to answer some questions from me. Here is his response:

At Macduff lifeboat we have 14 boat crew, 6 launch crew, 4 launch authorities, 1 Lifeboat Operations Manager and a Community Safety Officer. We also have an on call lifeboat doctor. All our volunteers are active and current.

For people to volunteer as lifeboat crew they would need to be able to attend the station within around 5 minutes of their pager going off.

The minimum boat crew for any rescue is four. The total number of people involved in a rescue can vary, four boat crew and two launch crew would be the minimum but in the case of a coastline search then all available crew could be utilised to assist and support the Coastguard performing the search.

We are currently above any minimum required volunteer levels for a lifeboat station but if people where interested in becoming a RNLI volunteer they can find out more about volunteering with the RNLI on the website here.

Updated 02-Aug-2016: expanded RNLI section.

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